The Homies Just Wont Cut It


You’re homies are just that, your homies, they have no business trying to be your graphic designer, manager, PR person etc. Unless you have hand selected a group of homies that have a passion and want to build a career in the roll assigned to them, let your homies be your homies.

**Disclaimer – In case you decide to stop reading because I’m “bashing”, you have it all wrong, keep reading. This post is not to bash you or your circle. It’s to display how you get the most out of what you’re doing.

Many of us have a misconception that we don’t need anyone from outside to accomplish a greater goal. In fact you do, you need a team outside of your immediate homies. That’s because majority of the time that homie you assign a task to isn’t passionate and barely even knows how to accomplish it, so they half-ass it. You also are left in an awkward situation, if the task isn’t carried out properly, you’ll be less likely to tell this individual that they screwed up. In the end you end up paying for the mistakes by spending your own time on completing it properly or paying a freelancer/company to do it.

Instead of wasting time, you need to be real with yourself, sit down and really evaluate where everyone fits in. Not everyone will have a real roll. Sometimes a few people just end up being the homie that’s there to support and that’s completely okay. Individuals that you do select to give responsibilities to, you need to make sure they know how to separate business from friendship. This is very important, it will save you from any turmoil in the future. In the words of Daymond John; “I hire friends and I’ve had to fire them… Business is Business, you’re fired, are you coming to the barbecue tomorrow?”

There is more to it than most of us believe in the beginning. Very quickly you learn that you need this whole other list of people to get to the next level. You need more than just the talent and a manger. (You need an appropriate manager, we’ll get into that in another post dedicated on managers). Unless your manager or you are a jack of all trades, you need your graphic team to handle your brand, your marketing team, PR etc. They all need to mesh and work together at all times so your brand stays consistent. More than one team can have more than one roll but all the bases need to be covered.

With having all your teams ready to go is a pretty big headache if they aren’t all under one roof. When that isn’t an option, you’re back at point A, but if it were the case and this was possible. You won’t have to scramble to find someone to design your merch, or do that photoshoot for an upcoming project, make sure the newsletter went out, and if your press kit is up to date at all times etc. Most importantly, you won’t need to worry if everything being sent out is consistent with your current branding.

Everyone on your team should be kept up to date of the current position of your brand, but like I mentioned before, if they aren’t all under one roof, your career is a scramble, yet again. The best thing to do is just have one company do everything, like Common Ambition (shameless plug :) ). No, but really doing these things will save you many headaches in the future and if anyone screws anything up you know exactly who dropped the ball. Trust me, your most valuable asset is time and if you waste it chasing new/different people down for things that needed to have been completed yesterday, you won’t accomplish very much, it’ll take double the timMusicNotee. You’ll thank me later.

On a final note. If you do have people around you that actually aspire to do certain things then by all means use them. This post was more so for individuals that don’t have all the right people in their immediate circle to accomplish tasks…and don’t lie to yourself and put a “homie” in charge of shooting music videos, when he really is a professional dog walker, just so you feel you’re getting your career on track.

And that’s this weeks Reality Cheque, until next time.

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