Forget What They Think, Go For Your Passion

Posted on February 7, 2018 Under Public Eye


Since the beginning of time we have always cared too much about what people will think of us, especially throughout grade school. We have to get past that and just do what we desire for ultimate happiness.

Thomas, as 12 year old boy (now 18 ish) started developing apps and started an app club at his school and has launched a few successful apps. Now if he cared about what people thought or if he would be seen as a “geek” or “loser”. there would be tons of other kids at his school who would of never discovered their ability and passion for developing apps.

Then we have 15 year old Collum who is enjoying the fruits of his passion. He has become the youngest Ferrari owner at 10 years old and now owns 3 Ferrari’s. Get over being called a “geek” or “loser” or whatever else kids call each other for not being “normal” (because skipping class, and being too cool to hand in homework is apparently normal). Eventually you’ll have the last laugh. I know it’s easier said than done, but just ignore the ignorant comments and do you. It doesn’t matter if you like developing apps or love math. Whatever it is, follow your passion. It just happens that both of these individuals develop apps, but you can do whatever you want.

It’s not all about the material results, but what makes you happy. the material stuff is just a bonus you get to enjoy. If you are no longer in grade school, you can still apply this to yourself. Also, if you know someone that is in grade school, encourage them to follow their passion, no matter what.

Thomas Suarez: