For The Perfectionist


For starters, I want to apologize for not posting on Wednesday as I do every week. To be honest I completely lost track of the days this week, life happened.

With that being said, I decided I would talk about embracing when life gets in the way. We all strive for perfection, at least everyone I encounter does. When we aim for perfection and focus so much on not having room for error, we make more mistakes than we want to. If we just go with the flow and go about our dreams in a carefree manner we can accomplish so much more. Most likely with minimal errors, as we aren’t stressing to make everything perfect.

I have come to this conclusion because when I stress for perfection I always made mistakes. Whether it be with homework or actual work. When I did either of these with a carefree mindset, I always did better. It’s most evident in homework. Try it and watch you’ll get a better mark on the assignment that you did without having perfection in mind.

There are endless examples I could give you, but I won’t bore you. So lets look at this week for the final example. I stress so much and have so much pressure on me from my partners to get these posts to you guys on Wednesdays. That finally, I just completely messed up and missed Wednesday all together. I was honestly so scared to tell them that I completely blanked and didn’t do a post this week. However, I built up the courage to do it because they would eventually find out on their own. I told them and explained I was going to do a post on perfection. To my surprise, it went smoother than I thought. That’s because I already had a solution for the problem I had created.

Remember we are all human and we make mistakes. It’s okay not to be perfect. Once we realize that and let that stress of perfection leave us, the outcomes for success are limitless. We are literally punishing ourselves when we keep pushing for perfection. There is a difference between progress/self improvement and perfection. The first, builds upon your past, it allows our to grow and the latter is just beating yourself up and bringing you down.

Tip to stay on schedule: Keep an agenda and write down everything you need to do on what days. You can create all the notes and reminders on you smart phones, but there is nothing like a good old list that you can see and scratch off once the task is completed. That scratching off the list feeling is incredible lol. P.S you’ll actually want to look at your agenda everyday though, unlike myself, last week (insert covered eyes monkey emoji).

P.P.S this doesn’t mean you can slack on your branding now. Use your common sense, and you’ll do just fine.